Homeloan ToolsThe first time we ever spoke to our advisor about a home loan, we had no idea of what we were getting into. Then we found some online tools that helped a huge amount.

The next time we spoke to our financial advisor we were able to say “This is what we earn, this is what we pay out, and this is how much we think we can afford to borrow”. Because we could already determine the type of mortgage we could afford and how much we could pay each month, as I mentioned earlier, we were able to start looking at houses.

When you first start to look for a new house, you have a general idea as to what you want: how many bedrooms you need, if you want a garden, where you would like to live, that sort of thing.  So, we were able to start looking a little earlier than we’d originally expected, but that meant we could form an idea in our head and look for something that would suit us well for many years to come.

Once our mortgage application had been accepted, we were able to put an offer on a house we’d seen just a few weeks before. Luckily for us, that offer had been accepted, and we now have a home we’re happy with.

We both feel fortunate we were able to get a new house without much fuss, and we both know it was down to using a mortgage calculator early on in the process. You should think about using one too, as it could just help you as much as it helped us. Go to this website here to use the Mortgage Calculator. ⤧  Next post Make an Impact With In Store Radio ⤧  Previous post We Can Help You With Your Kitchen