vstThere is a variety of methods where producers can engage virtual instruments in the form of VST plugins to enrich their music, but this really comes down to personal preference. There are literally thousands of synths out there not to mention what happens when you overlap two synths or run them through a third synth.  Here is a concise list of categorical synths you should get depending on your “style of dubstep”.

Classical Synths – This doesn’t refer to classical music but rather the original synths out there. These base synths can be used to create new and unique synths if you know how to combine the sounds. Also, you never know when you want to implement that retro feel to a song. I always get a library of OG synths in order to keep my options open.


Genre Synths – These synths will be used based on the sub-genre you are playing. For instance, if you are producing RaggaStep then you could use organs, blues organs and the works. Find a sound that closest resembles your genre and even conduct a web search with a phrase like that. There are many indie producers that have their own “genre related synths” and it’s really about finding them that will benefit your music.

Combo Synths – Once you have enough synths in your library you can start combining them to create unique new sounds. You don’t have to be a music genius to do this but if you have the right Dubstep Software you’d most definitely be able to pull it off.

Conclusion on Virtual Instruments:

In the end your new virtual instruments will complement your music, it will give you the freedom to experiment beyond the parameters of Dubstep. All you need to do is look for them, to begin to experiment with new sounds and to not be afraid of what “could be”. I love synths since they can really create ambiance within your music, they create that “feeling” lingering in the back of your tracks. ⤧  Next post Choosing an SEO Company Carefully ⤧  Previous post Make an Impact With In Store Radio